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Shifting Gears



The sermon "Shifting Gears" by Jesus Fernandez, delivered on 7-15-2023, is a powerful message about the impact of complaining, the importance of faith, and trusting God's plan for our lives. The speaker shares personal experiences with the Pathfinders group, highlighting the need for a positive attitude and avoiding complaints even in challenging situations. Drawing parallels from the Israelites' journey in the wilderness, the sermon challenges listeners to take responsibility for their actions and trust in God's promises. The speaker emphasizes the significance of shifting away from complaining and focusing on God's provision, encouraging listeners to walk in faith and obedience. The sermon concludes with a powerful reminder to let God lead and guide us, finding hope and light even in the darkest moments of life. The interludes of uplifting music and inspiring lyrics enhance the sermon's message of God's constant presence and unwavering love.


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